May 182018

On April 27, the Rotary Club of Hilton Head Island conducted a successful Raffle and Scavenger Hunt . 

Our objectives for the Raffle and Scavenger Hunt were:

-Inaugurate the island bike path signage, which we donated to the Town.
-Promote our club`s contribution to the community.
-Raise the $17,000 gap in our funding of the $50,000 donation to the Rec Center Gym B.
-Create an event that can be an annual Rotary Club of Hilton Head community fundraiser.
What we achieved:
-Brought visibility to the signage we donated to the Town.
-Raised the image of our club on TV, to neighbors and friends,to the community, and to District 7770.
-Raised $15,945, through ticket purchase and sale by 80 members. Outstanding sales were made by 3 members/spouses who sold 26% of the tickets.
Created a successful scavenger hunt event which the club could further develop in the future, including buy-in by the Island biking community.
Thanks to the organizing team  and the club for a successful event.
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