Apr 122021

JoAnn Stevens, President-Elect of the Rotary Club of Little River has been using one of the new CART cups in her car to collect her loose change for the CART Fund.  While visiting her daughter, Chris Tyner, in Holly Springs, NC recently, her daughter asked what the blue cup in her car was for and JoAnn had the opportunity to tell her and her family about the CART Fund.  Chris immediately responded that they had some change they’d like to contribute.
The Tyner family’s contribution amounted to two CART Cups full!
To highlight the donation, the two CART Cups full of change were displayed at the Rotary Satellite Club of Little River’s Inaugural Game Night and attendees were asked to guesstimate what the total value of the donation was.  The person guesstimating the closest without going over would have a $25 donation made to the CART fund in their honor as a prize.
And how much was the donation in the two CART Cups and who guesstimated the closest?
The final total was $76.92 and John Dickenson, a member of the noon edition, guesstimate of $65.00 was the closest without going over.
So, Congratulations John and a BIG THANK YOU to JoAnn and her daughter Chris for supporting the CART fund!

Pictured are Chris Tyner and her mother, President-Elect of the Rotary Club of Little River and JoAnn holding the two cups full of coins and cash.

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