Aug 172020

As Rotarians it is our mission to aide our communities in the areas of education, poverty, and health. The Rotary Club of Mt. Pleasant has accomplished just that in its partnership with a non-profit called The Little Free Library. The Little Free Library enables people of all backgrounds to have free access to literature and in turn a greater opportunity for education. Many of us are guilty of reading a book once and letting it collect dust in the bookcase, but you could potentially change a life with that book on the shelf. This was our philosophy in beginning this project. These readily accessible books in the hands of the right people will promote literacy and hopefully a love of reading in our community, both in children and adults. We are excited to announce the completion of the Mt. Pleasant Little Free Library at the East Cooper Community Outreach Center. For more information on this organization and how to get a library in your community, please visit

Written by Nolan McNamara, Public Image Committee, Rotary Club of Mt. Pleasant 8/7/20

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