Aug 242020

We had a well-attended Zoom meeting. Our guest speaker was from Feonix- Mobility Rising. The organization was started to help give seniors options to a reliable means of transportation. It is funded by AARP, you do not have to be a member to participate.  It is now open to anyone needing transport, but it is most utilized by those over 50 years old. They will transport from wheelchair providers, stretcher providers, and those who are visually impaired or physically impaired. Transportation options are found for those who need medical, pharmacy or grocery transportation. They find all the means of transportation available for your situation and present them to you, so you have the information needed to get where you need to go in a safe reliable manner.

Our president spoke on how we need to have flexibility in the type of club that we offer to individuals. After all, Rotary isn’t cancelled, it’s just different.

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