Feb 012021

This message is going out to all active Rotarians as well as Friends of Rotary.

Rotary District 7770 and 7750 are Leading volunteer efforts for Covid-19 Vaccine response during the next 100 days. Rotary Ready is calling all people of action to assist in vaccine distributions.  As the state begins the multi-phase roll-out of the COVID 19 vaccine, District Rotarians reached out and established a plan with MUSC as community partners to offer our service. Rotarians are “People of Action”, therefore, now is the time to act.  We will be the only source for volunteers for the MUSC and participating hospitals in this outreach effort. We are seeking volunteers from all Rotarians, familyfriends, neighbors, churches and all those we know through our connections. Volunteers will be vaccinated and provided PPT protection. Most events will be large in nature and outdoors.  Most shifts will be an 8 hour time commitment.
Opportunities are developing to volunteer at Covid-19 vaccination sites across the state. We will be seeking both Medical and Non-Medical Volunteers at COVID 19 vaccination sites (Medical volunteers must be certified through MUSC prior to administering vaccine or serving in a medical role). We are not quite ready to solicit medical volunteers, but hope to get there soon. Volunteers are welcome to volunteer in a non-medical capacity. There are also off-site opportunities in areas such as Publicity and PR, site selection, and others. Both individual and team registrations are available. Visit www.rotaryready.com for more information and to register to volunteer.
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