Sep 182014
With the help of a District 7770 grant matched by club funds, the Sea Island Rotary is distributing school uniforms to elementary and middle schools in northern Beaufort County. Each school is allotted a budget based on need. School counselors determine the needs of their students and then submit a purchase order to our club. We work with vendors to get the most economical price so we can make the most of our funds.Our club then fulfills the need of uniforms, a need for pants or shirts or both.  Once the orders are fulfilled, Rotarians volunteer to deliver to the orders to the schools for distribution.
Sea Island Rotary is committed to such programs that serve the less fortunate children of Beaufort County. We believe this program conforms well with our club’s goals as well as those of Rotary International. Our goal with this program is for the less fortunate children to dress in compliance according to the guidelines of our local school district and to raise the children’s confidence so they can better focus on their education.
Rotarian Larry Meisner delivers uniforms to Whale Branch Elementary School
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