Apr 252015

Summerville Evening Club Member Rachael Sheridan runs to Paris, ok not really, but she did run in the Rotary Marathon Running Fellowship group who ran in last week Paris, France Marathon. Rotary Fellowships are a great way to share your outside interests with other Rotarians worldwide. There are hundreds of fellowships worldwide available to join as Rotarians. For example there is a Rotary Fellowship for Curling, Cooking, Quilting, Doll lovers, Tennis, Lawyers, Marathon Running and one of the first organized, Yachting. Personally I am a member of the Photography, Police/Law Enforcement, Motorcycling, Beer and Wine fellowships. Joining a fellowship normally is a simple email or application with your Rotary information and a few dollars. Most change an annual fee or a Lifetime fee. Our District has a very active Wine Fellowship with meetings every other month.


Rotary International has not control over the specific fellowships but to be an officially sanctioned as a fellowship is like starting a new Rotary club with International members. Within our District, I have been organizing the Whiskey DRAM Fellowship, see www.whiskeydram.org  for more information. If you want more information on all the Rotary Fellowships, check out https://www.rotary.org/myrotary/en/rotary-fellowships


Congratulations to Rachael for completing another marathon and representing our club and district in Paris.

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