Jul 022019

Blount Sheppard, Assistant District Governor for 7770 was on hand for the Installation of Babbie Jaco, President of Sunrise Rotary, Chapin and the Board of Directors.  Blount brought us salutations from Mark Maloney, National President and Johnny Moore, “Our” new District Governor. He challenged us to more contributions to the CART Fund, sharing for Publicity, participation in a new and revised District Conference and to work to encourage literacy. President Jaco, shared her goals for a stronger and more engaged club.  Our table were full with breakfast, flags, programs and even cakes. 

Picture1, Blount Shepard 

Picture2, Blount Shepard and Babbie Jaco

Picture3, Greg White, Phil Purser, Virginia Greene, Tom Wilkinson, Jeff Berger, Michael Cramer, John Stickney, Babbie Jaco, Ben Sloan and Blount Shepard. 

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