Seven Oaks Park Athletic Director visits The Rotary Club of Lake Murray-Irmo

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Sep 042015
sopbuildingphoto Brian Riddle, Athletic Coordinator at Seven Oaks Park visited The Rotary Club of Lake Murray-Irmo to talk about the extensive work the park has done to develop an extensive sports program for our community.  The sports program consists of fall, winter, spring and summer teams including sports camps in the summer and travel teams for baseball and lacrosse as well as adult sports programs.  During his tenure he has worked to develop a district wide soccer program, increase sponsorship dollars and grow the numbers of participants.  In 2014, 1500 youth participated.  Special programs include athletic scholarships and a youth scholarship equipment rental service.  They received a $15,000 grant from CDBG  to support these programs.  This is truly a community endeavor with all coaches volunteering their time and local businesses sponsoring teams and events.  The newly renovated facilities include a 30,000 square foot facility with full gymnasium, nine athletic fields, six clay tennis courts and the new Saluda Shoals Athletic complex soccer fields.   If you have any questions regarding the athletic program at Seven Oaks Park or you would like to become involved with keeping this program a success through volunteering or donations please contact Brian Riddle,

Brandon Spence from Apprenticeship Carolina visits The Rotary Club of Lake Murray-Irmo

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Jul 222015
ApprenticeshipCarolinaLogo At our first official meeting of Rotary Year 2015-2016, Brandon Spence visited us to discuss his work with Apprenticeship Carolina, part of the SC Technical College System and The Division of Workforce and Economic Development.  The division works to attract new and expanding companies to the state and provide workforce development tools necessary to make certain they grow and prosper in South Carolina. Apprenticeship Carolina works with the 16 technical colleges in the state of south Carolina.  The program works with companies to assist them in formulating a plan to upskill current employees as well as train new employees coming from the technical college system.  This integrative approach allows companies to hire and train employees from the ground up while supporting technical trade work that is so very important and often overlooked.   They can help your business develop an on the job training program as well as set up youth apprenticeships.   There is no fee for the service and there is a tax credit for the supporting companies of up to $1000 per employee up to 4 years of enrollment.  Brandon, a 2001 Citadel graduate, has served active duty in the US Airforce, worked for the Department of the Army as a program analyst and then made the transition to the Department of Commerce, and his own start up companies Midlands Biofuels and B2 Strategies.   Brandon is experienced in implementing apprenticeship programs throughout his many successful endeavors.   Go to for more information.  

The Rotary Club of Lake Murray-Irmo welcomes John Bakhaus

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May 302015
On May 20th, John Bakhaus, the regional director of the C.A.R.T. (Coins for Alzheimer’s Research Trust), visited the Rotary Club of Lake Murray-Irmo.  John is a 20 year Rotarian and president elect of the Columbia Rotary Club. The CART Fund is dedicated to raising funds to provide “seed” money for cutting edge, high impact research in hopes of finding a cure/prevention for Alzheimer’s disease.  The goal of the Fund is to encourage exploratory and developmental AD research projects within the United States. This is accomplished by providing financial support for the early and conceptual plans of those projects that may not yet be supported by extensive preliminary data but have the potential to substantially advance biomedical research. These projects should be distinct from those designed to increase knowledge in a well established area unless they intend to extend previous discoveries toward new directions or applications. Starting in one SC Rotary club in district 7770 in 1995, CART has been adopted to date by all Rotary district clubs in Georgia and the two Carolinas as well as a number of individual clubs throughout the United States. Assistance from the American Federation of Aging Research was invaluable in validating CART as a legitimate funding source for Alzheimer’s research.  ALL proceeds raised by the C.A.R.T. fund go directly to research as compared to other organizations where just a small percentage goes to the research. John shared with us some of the cutting edge research funded by our fundraising efforts through the C.A.R.T fund.  This past year $450,000 in grants were disbursed and a total of $5.2 million since the inception of the C.A.R.T. Fund project in 1996.  Current research includes circadian rhythm disruptions, neuronal and microfilm interactions to reduce neuronal plaque and the use of nano medicine to act as carriers of drugs to cross the blood brain barrier. The Lake Murray-Irmo Rotary Club has taken C.A.R.T. Fund bucket fundraising to a new level.    This year we have begun placing the C.A.R.T. fund buckets into local businesses to extend our reach in the community and increase awareness of Alzheimer Disease research  If you are interested in having a C.A.R.T. fund bucket on display at your local business feel free to use our flyers below and ask for a bucket.  Every bit of change directly makes a difference.  Pictured here John Bakhaus and The Rotary Club of Lake Murray-Irmo President Stan Bugner. cartfund CART CART2

The Rotary Club of Lake Murray-Irmo Adopt a Highway

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May 222015
On Saturday, May 16th Rotarians participated in our regular road cleanup.  The Rotarians in attendance were Jack Terrell, Roz Browning, Martha Beahm, Jeff Baldwin, Larry Wedekind and Stan Bugner.  The Dutch Fork Highschool Interact Club joined us as well with 10 participants. It takes hard work and volunteers like this to keep our area beautiful. Thank you! .rotarycleanup

Rotary Club of Lake Murray-Irmo Community Partner award

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May 062015
Stan rod   The Rotary Club of Lake Murray-Irmo was presented the Judge Byars Community Partner award by the Department of Corrections. Congratulations to the entire club for its focus on service.

Sea Island Club learns about Drug Court in SC

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May 042015
The April 28 club meeting featured an unusual topic: lessons from SC Drug Court. The speakers, introduced by Rotarian Jim Grimsley, are officials with the local multi-county drug court. Mike Lee comes from a law enforcement background, have served as a City of Beaufort police officer before his (first) retirement. He was called upon by the Solicitor to restart a drug court in the region including Beaufort County and surrounding area. The purpose of the drug court was finding alternatives to incarceration in the face of a badly overcrowded state prison system. Our second speaker, Krista Grabenbauer (yes, she’s Beaufort Rotarian Gabby’s daughter-in-law) comes from a social work background. Krista, who deals directly with offenders, described the 3-step program that helps individuals get free of drug habits and live productive lives. This approach not only gives drug offenders a new start in life, but also saves the state the expenses of incarceration. Rotary 4-21-2015 (6) Rotary 4-21-2015 (10)

The Lake Murray-Irmo Rotary Club hosts the DJJ Blazers.

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Apr 242015
The Department of Juvenile Justice Blazers program is in place to teach practical and useful skills to our youth in the justice system.   Networking, public speaking, social etiquette are just a few of the skills taught to the youth to help them learn to become a productive citizen in society upon their release.  The Lake Murray-Irmo Rotary Club are sponsors of the program.   Members of the Blazers team visited us to discuss the projects sponsored by our club. On February 13, 2015 the 1st Annual Sweetheart Dance Bridging Generations through Hope was held at the Bill Rogers Community Connections Center.   With our support the youth Blazers hosted a prom style event complete with bouquets and boutonnieres and even a King and Queen of Hearts.   DJJ Blazers also participated in ‘The House that DJJ Built’ in coordination with Habitat For Humanity and with the support of our club.  We are so very proud of these youth as they work towards their release from DJJ and becoming an important member of our society.  Pictured below are two members of the DJJ Blazers presenting club president Stan Bugner with an award in appreciation for our contribution to their efforts. stan DJJ Blazers

Members of Wateree River CI Rotoract Club Make Special Presentation

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Mar 122015
Shock pic Members of Wateree River CI Rotoract Club Make Special Presentation Four inmates, who are part of the Shock program at Wateree River Correctional Institute, spoke to a meeting of the Rotary Club of Lake Murray-Irmo on Wednesday morning, March 4, 2015, at the Carolina Ale House in Irmo. The inmates are part of the Wateree River CI Rotoract Club which is co-sponsored by the Rotary Club of Lake Murray-Irmo. Ginny Barr, Director of SCDC’s Young Offender Parole and Reentry Services, is a member of the club and serves as a liaison between the Rotoract Club of WRCI and Lake Murray-Irmo Rotarians. The Rotoract program is a club-sponsored organization of young adults, ages 18-30, whose purpose it is to provide opportunity for young people to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development and address the physical and social needs of their community. While Rotoract is a longstanding program, the Wateree River CI Shock program’s branch, formed in 2014, is thought to be the first of its kind in the world. Twelve of WRCI’s 24 Shock participants are members of the Rotoract Club. During their first year, the Rotoract Club assisted in numerous community clean-up projects like cleaning the grounds of St. Stephen Church, working at the Camden horse races, participating in the Palmetto Pride program by helping clean-up area highways, and donating some of their own money to support the Salvation Army food drive in the Sumter area. The Rotoract Club also won a Keep the Midlands Beautiful Grant for their clean-up efforts. The Shock program at Wateree River CI is a 90-day program designed as an alternative to traditional incarceration providing a therapeutic environment where young, non-violent offenders (17-29 yrs.) receive substance abuse treatment, educational opportunities, and other help to promote their reintegration into the community.

Adopt-A-Highway Clean up by The Rotary Club of Lake Murray-Irmo Members February 7th

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Feb 242015
The Rotary Club of Lake Murray-Irmo is actively involved in Adopt-A-Highway program in the Midlands. Through the Adopt-A-Highway and Adopt-A-Street programs, caring citizens take part in preserving and maintaining streets throughout the Midlands. A wide range of community organizations, like civic groups, businesses, schools, and churches, adopt sections of road in or near their communities and remove litter from those segments at least four times a year for two years. The benefits are significant. First, the program serves as an educational tool against littering and establishes stewardship of public lands. Secondly, the program helps advance tourism, development and quality of life for all of our citizens by improving the appearance of our area. Finally, the program saves taxpayer dollars by performing a valuable public service on a volunteer basis. rotary clean up
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