May 192014
gift of life 1In 2009 East Cooper Breakfast Rotary Club hosted Gift of Life patient Ugochi Christopher and her mother Jenny from Nigeria. Her welfare has been on our minds since the kidnappings and senseless slaughter in the country recently. We have been able to get in touch with an uncle in Atlanta- only surface mail & no phone or internet in their village- to find that all is well and for now the family is safe. The Christophers live in the south of Nigeria while the violence is in the north.

Ugochi is thriving and has grown tall and healthy. She is an outstanding student and become one of the leaders in her school. We are delighted to make a contact with them, however slow, but will now keep up through her uncle. Your thoughts and prayers for them please.
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Gift of Life Changes Lives

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Feb 142014

SAMSUNGGift of Life makes a difference in lives around the world. Here’s an update from Neysha Stone, mother of Jamaican Gift of Life child Raj, who spent time at the East Cooper Breakfast Rotary Club in Mt Pleasant a little over a year ago. His new heart is still going strong.

Hello to you all, I am excited and happy to inform you that yesterday February the 5th marked a year since baby Raj has been given  a new lease on life, I am indeed happy that my child is alive, do I take the opportunity to remind you of how grateful I am.

Baby RAj has been keeping good health: play well run around as any other normal child. He is to visit his cardiac clinic in April at the Bustamantee Hospital for children here in Jamaica. We are also planning on visiting our great stalwart a hero and a great friend, Dr. Foster to officially thank him because without him I don’t know were my hope would have been. May God continue to bless you all as you save the lives of our tomorrow. Here are a few pics of baby raj blowing out his 2nd birthday candles.

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Spring Valley Hosts Gift of Life Child

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Oct 122013

arrival at airport.Members of the Carolina Rotaract Club welcomed Spring Valley’s Gift of Life (GOL) patient and her mother from El Salvador at the Columbia Metro Airport on Sunday, September 29. Thanks to Spring Valley GOL Chair Bill Oliver for coordinating with Gift of Life El Salvador and to Spring Valley Rotarian Kathleen Ganley for hosting the patient and her mother. A gamma knife procedure is scheduled for Tuesday at Palmetto Health Richland to treat her brain tumor.

Submitted by Diane Howard-Junis
Spring Valley Rotary Club

Update on Jamaican Gift of Life Child

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Aug 292013
Hello Everyone,
Greetings to you all, it has been a while since I haven’t give on update on baby Raj. Just want to let you know he is doing very very well, he is very active at the moment, all his teeth are growing in at a vast space of time , he is eating every different types of food of which his favorite is oat meal….the heart healthy food.
He is talking, running around , and has a great passion for writing, and my walls are now becoming writing boards. On his last visit to Bustamante Children’s Hospital, his Cardiologist stated that everything was fine and in place, he is not an any  medications, apart from Multi-vitamins and Hemafed, he is reschedule to attend the Cardiology Clinic on October 10, 2013,
Ever since Rajriquez has recovered from surgery, he has became a normal healthy child, the symptom’s of bronchitis , I haven’t seen that anymore, he used to have regular colds and flu symptoms, which doesn’t occurs anymore, I haven’t  rushed him to the Hospital ever since I came back to Jamaica ..he has a stronger immune system and he is a happy healthy vibrant boy!
 I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all who make this possible.
Kind Regards
Neysha Stone

Gift of Life Child Cleared for Home

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Jul 092013

rotary gift of life, rotary district 7770, rotary eastern south carolina, rotary serving communityFrom Pat Campbell
Honorary member, East Cooper Breakfast Rotary Club

Great news! Marlon, our Gift of Life child from Panama, had a very successful checkup today (July 9, 2013) and was released from MUSC, cleared to go home. Mrs. Pat & I went to the airport to see Delta which not only got them on a flight tomorrow afternoon (July 10, 2013) but agreed to waive all transfer fees for Gift of Life. They will also provide an escort from gate to gate to get the flight to Panama. We very much appreciated the excellent service.

Many many thanks to our host families Helen & Dawes Cooke, Judy & Jim Beery and Pat & Pat Campbell for all the love and attention to Marisin and Marlon. Of course we can never send a child home without extra special thanks to our great friends at MUSC Childrens Hospital especially Dr. Scott Bradley, Dr. Andy Savage, Cathy Rubinstein, Jennifer Reeves & Robin Ohlinger. They make this whole thing work like a charm.
Tomorrow’s schedule:  Delta flight 1730 to Atlanta   Departs Charleston  1:55 pm     Arrives Atlanta    3:06 pm
                                 Delta flight 393  to Panama  Departs Atlanta        5:45 pm    Arrives Panama City  8:51 pm
Please stop at the airport if you have time tomorrow an hour or so before flight time to wish a goodbye.
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