Feb 242020

Scams happen daily, cheating older Americans out of more than $3 Billion a year. Dr. John D’Ambrosio, President/CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Carolina recently shared tips with Myrtle Beach Rotarians on how to avoid scams:

1.   Never send money to someone you have never met face-to-face. 

2.   Don’t click on links or open attachments in unsolicited email. 

3.   Don’t believe everything you see, hear or read. 

4.   Don’t buy online unless the transaction is secure. 

5.   Be cautious when dealing with anyone you’ve met online. 

6.   Never share identifiable information with someone who has contacted you unsolicited.

7.   Don’t be pressured to act immediately. 

8.   Use secure, traceable transactions when making payments for goods or services.

9.   Whenever possible, work with local businesses that have proper licensing and insurance.

10. Be cautious about what you share on social media. Consider connecting only with     

       people you know.

Dr. D’Ambrosio concluded by encouraging Rotarians to use the Better Business Bureau’s free Scam Tracker: https://www.bbb.org/scamtracker/us/  “If you spot a business or offer that sounds like an illegal scheme or fraud, tell us about it. Help us investigate and warn others by reporting what you know,” said Dr. Ambrosio.

Photo:  Don Hovis, President of the Rotary Club of Myrtle Beach and John D’Ambrosio

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