Aug 262013

Did you know you can subscribe to The Rotarian magazine digitally?

The new digital edition of The Rotarian brings you the same print content you’ve enjoyed for years — in paperless form. As a digital subscriber, you will receive a link to the new issue in your e-mail inbox each month from Zinio, the world’s largest digital newsstand. Plus download the Zinio app on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Samsung Galaxy to take The Rotarian digital magazine with you wherever you go.

Want to trade your print subscription for digital? Fill out the form below to begin receiving your digital subscription. As a current subscriber to The Rotarian, your method of payment will not change.

Want to subscribe to both the print and digital editions? Buy a year’s subscription to the digital edition for US$12 at the Zinio newstand. You will continue to receive your print subscription as you currently do, and the method of payment for your print subscription will not change.

New subscriber? If you are an Interactor, Rotaractor, The Rotary Foundation alum, or member of the general public who does not currently subscribe to The Rotarian, you can buy a year’s subscription to the digital edition for US$12 at the Zinio newsstand.

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