Sep 142020

The Rotary Club of Forest Acres had a very well attended Zoom meeting with Mary Gasque, the End Polio Co-chair for district 7770. She spoke on what Rotary is doing to eradicate the disease. There is a GPEI program (global polio eradication now) which was started in 88’. We are members of this group along with WHO, UNICEF, GAUI, CDC and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Polio was active in 40 countries. It is spread by infected fecal matter. In underdeveloped countries there is  little to no clean water for hand washing and these people cannot afford soap. Cases have been reduced by 99.9%. There are still active cases in Pakistan and Afghanistan. They dip a child’s pinkie in purple paint when they are vaccinated to track who was vaccinated and who still needs a vaccination. World Polio Day is October 24, we need to take on the Purple Pinkie Polio Challenge and end this disease.

We also have another Discover Rotary Scheduled on October 21, led by Sandy Olsen. The club is looking for creative ways to raise funds. Since we are not able to do our usual fund-raising projects due to COVID-19. 

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