Aug 242020

Our Destination Rotary is Scheduled to take place on Wednesday August 26 at 11:30. Under the leadership of Sandy Olsen. We had two speakers.

Our own member Regina Moore who spoke on membership trends in diversity, equality, and inclusion. She voiced that a strong membership equals a vibrant club. How can our club reflect the diversity of the community we represent? In short, we need to expand our reach.

Ed Irick, former district membership chair also spoke on expanding reach and membership involvement and attraction. We need to create new avenues for Rotary and to enhance participant engagement, by reaching out to others in the club. Adaptation to new conditions that exist and when we do resume in person meetings give people an option to go virtual or in person. He told us that communication is essential to member involvement and attraction. He feels that for new members we need to have an “on boarding mentor” who can help them assimilate and get engaged to create a positive membership experience. 

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