Dec 142020

The Rotary Club of Forest Acres Welcomed two new members. One as a new member and the other is a transfer from another club. We had a guest speaker from the South Carolina Plant Society. She spoke about the need to keep plant species  that will feed native bees, butterflies, birds and moths. Our native plant species are being replaced by homeowners who are planting ornamentals that are nice to look but are not native plants We are creating a food desert for our wildlife.If each homeowner converted half of their lawn to productive native plants we could restore our ecosystem. We need to revert to sustainable practices when considering what to plant.We will have a virtual Christmas party on December 16th. We need to wear an ugly Christmas sweater. The club will also play Berry Bingo with bingo cards that have been previously mailed to the members with the request of a $5.00 donation.

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