Oct 242016
Something exciting is taking place at the University of South Carolina as it relates to Rotary District 7770.
Every Thursday evening there is a group of student reciting the four way test!
A Rotaract club was established by Ms. Nicole Newsome over 5 years ago when she was a freshman.
Nicole was a member of Interact in Augusta Georgia before initiating her university studies.
Rotarian Bill Oliver at Rotary Club of Spring Valley was approached to see if his club would serve as the sponsoring club.
Nicole approached Rotary Club of Five Points  Rotarian, Louis Dessau, a member of the faculty of the Darla Moore to serve
as faculty advisor. Carolina Rotaract was established with six young students as well as banners and pins
donated by Rotary Clubs of Five Points and Spring Valley.
Those six students graduated this past May but they left a club that now has more than 30 members including a doctoral Engineering student
from Lebanon. The club can be very proud of the fact that they have raised enough funds each year to send
a member to the Rotary conventions in Australia, Brazil, and South Korea so far! They have also been
impressive in their community initiatives. The first year the produced wapi’s used to test water in remote
areas to determine ensure it had been boiled long enough to be safe for drinking. They helped Engineers
without Borders on a project in Ecuador. .
Locally they have helped ring the Salvation Army bell, they
have helped Pet’s Inc, sung Christmas songs at Christopher Towers, raised funds for Shelter Box  and a host of other activities.
The club has helped ETV with their fund raising by having volunteers on hand.
Rotarian John Crockett who just passed away was subsequently invited to speak at Carolina Rotaract about his career
A past member of Carolina Rotaract was a 2015 winner of the Rotary Global Grant and is currently carrying out his educational
project in South Africa. The club has hosted visits from District Governors such as Lou Mello.
The club receives mentoring from Stevie Johnson, a Spring  Valley Rotarian and Louis Dessau
continues to serve as faculty advisor .
Most recently the club’s president, Carter Grant,  was contacted at the recommendation of Rotary International President John Germ
for advice on how to set up a Rotaract Club, the outcome of a short encounter in Seoul!
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