Aug 192019

Jeff Mense the overall project coordinator  presented the progress report to President Jeremy Wither  and the Chicora membership.

Rotarians and friends,

The well has been drilled, the enclosure structure is completed, WASH training is ongoing and the community committee is becoming adept at running the water system as well as developing the financial means to sustain this project.  The community is planning to commission the project on September 26, 2019 and this will include a visit from their district governor.  They continue working on the distribution system and we will of course continue to monitor the project for about another 16 months to assure sustainability and meet all of our grant reporting requirements.  Unfortunately we were not able to plan a trip from the US to be at the commissioning but we are looking at a trip sometime this spring to visit this community as well as the four other communities our club has worked with in the Iquitos area.  Please review the photos at    At the end of the file you will see pictures of the well and structure, but more important are the pictures of all the people and families whose health and well being will be so significantly impacted by this project.

Jeffrey Mense

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