Apr 062018

It’s been good to be back in China. After a nice, five week winter break, I’ve gotten back into the swing of things: teaching students, grading papers, volunteering, and living Chinese life. The major hilight for March was pulling off a Rotary Service event with my club members. Here’s a look at March’s adventures with Rotary.

Our Rotary Hot Chocolate Service project Flyer, March, 2018

As a child, helping others was an intrinsic part of my upbringing. And ever since I traveled to Ghana as a Rotary Global Ambassadorial Scholar (you can check out my 2014-2015 posts or visit snbutler1.blogspot.com) I have felt a strong need to continue to ‘serve above self’ through Rotary. Fortunately, joining the Rotary Club of Hangzhou has given me that opportunity. Last year, I proposed a Hot Chocolate Service Project idea to my club members. With their support, we were able to organize a Hot Chocolate on the West Lake event to support local Chinese children.

Fellow Rotarians and coworkers, ordering charity drinks and dinner, March 13, 2018
Flavorful salad, March 13, 2018
A tasty beef and mango dish, March 13, 2018

The children at New Sunshine (NSS) undergo treatment at a local hospital in Hangzhou (and at other hospitals around the country as NSS is a national organization). During their Leukiuma radiation treat, they often tire. And because of the nature of cancer, they can’t attend regular school with children their own age. NSS provides in-hospital education for these little ones. Through partnering with a local restaurant, we were able to raise thousands of RMB (Chinese currency) for these children.

Supporters, both foreign and local attended the event. Several of my coworkers joined, as well as Lions Club members from Shanghai. The weeklong fundraiser included a kick-off party and an appreciation night. We all enjoyed wonderful times eating and drinking hot chocolate at the scenic West Lake.

Posing with our newest club member, Sophie, and a check to benefit NSS Charity, March 20, 2018

This is what Rotary is all about: having fun and building friendly relations while serving others. I’m so glad that my club members rallied around me, and after four months of planning and collaboration, we were able to have a great event! Rotary Clubs are not plentiful in China, and the government restricts a great deal of our efforts, but fortunately we were able to make this project happen and do good in the community.

Posing with RCHZ members, new friends, and my coworkers on kick-off night, March 13, 2018

This ends the post for March. For April, I’ll discuss my exploration of the beachside town of Xiamen, China!

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