Aug 292013
Hello Everyone,
Greetings to you all, it has been a while since I haven’t give on update on baby Raj. Just want to let you know he is doing very very well, he is very active at the moment, all his teeth are growing in at a vast space of time , he is eating every different types of food of which his favorite is oat meal….the heart healthy food.
He is talking, running around , and has a great passion for writing, and my walls are now becoming writing boards. On his last visit to Bustamante Children’s Hospital, his Cardiologist stated that everything was fine and in place, he is not an any  medications, apart from Multi-vitamins and Hemafed, he is reschedule to attend the Cardiology Clinic on October 10, 2013,
Ever since Rajriquez has recovered from surgery, he has became a normal healthy child, the symptom’s of bronchitis , I haven’t seen that anymore, he used to have regular colds and flu symptoms, which doesn’t occurs anymore, I haven’t  rushed him to the Hospital ever since I came back to Jamaica ..he has a stronger immune system and he is a happy healthy vibrant boy!
 I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all who make this possible.
Kind Regards
Neysha Stone
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