May 032021

I have asked several Rotary clubs to start a satellite club, and invariably one of the first questions is “why would we  want to do that?” So, I’ll start by answering WHY? I am going to answer the question from the perspective of a  cause-based virtual club, rather than a geographic, in-person club, but many of the answers will apply to both  scenarios. 

TOP TEN REASONS your Rotary club benefits from starting a cause-based satellite e-club…

10. You will LEAVE A LEGACY AND STRENGTHEN ROTARY by sharing the gift of Rotary to a demographic that  may not find our current clubs’ style, meeting time, or culture appealing. 

9. When compared with Rotary Action Groups and Rotary Fellowships, CAUSEBASED ROTARY CLUBS OFFER  ADVANTAGES of regular meetings, opportunities for grants from The Rotary Foundation, and protections  of the Rotary Clubs’ insurance policy. 

8. Cause-based e-clubs are an inexpensive and relatively EASY WAY TO START A NEW ROTARY CLUB. Affiliate  members (Rotarians from other clubs) provide expertise for the new club and reduce the need for mentors  from the parent club.  

7. One of the benefits of being a Rotarian is the development of leadership skills. A satellite club will offer  more opportunities to DEVELOP LEADERS, probably in a less formal and more comfortable environment  than in a traditional Rotary club. 

6. An e-club can invite members from around the world, reinforcing the INTERNATIONAL FLAVOR of Rotary  and providing new opportunities for service around the globe. 

5. YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE by attracting new people to Rotary and expanding the number of Rotarians  ‘doing good in the world’. 

4. Current Rotarians may be honorary or affiliate* members and participate in both their home club, and the  cause-based club, CEMENTING MEMBERSCOMMITMENT TO ROTARY

3. Members of the satellite club are also members of the parent club and can participate in projects of the  parent club. This multiplies your CLUBS OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE

2. People who follow their passions in Rotary are Rotarians for  

life. This makes cause-based clubs a MEMBER RETENTION  


1. YOUR CLUB WILL BE ENERGIZED by an influx of new people  

and fresh ideas. 

A cause-based club can be built around almost anything. Ideas  

include entrepreneurship, environmental issues, food insecurity,  

health and wellness, international service, literacy, social justice,  

peace building, veteran’s issues, maternal and child health, water and  

sanitation, and… 

This short Anytown video does a great job of explaining WHY we  

should all start new clubs in our towns. Figure out WHERE to start a  

club by exploring Grow Rotary. Interested in learning more? Contact  

_______________ District Innovative Club Advocate. 

*In District 7710, we encourage existing Rotarians to join cause-based clubs  

as affiliate members. They are considered full members of the satellite club  

but pay only nominal club dues. Affiliate members pay their Rotary  

International and District dues through their home club. PDG, Marie Howard, District 7710, NC

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